Ferret & Fern

Hello! I’m Emma, co-founder of She Creates Union, owner of @ferretandfern and recent arrival in sunny Texas (from the U.K.)!

I love the color and pattern found in nature, and have long been inspired by old scientific and biological drawings as well as folk art from around the world. Ferret & Fern is my latest creative adventure where I combine my passions as an amateur gardener and seamstress with my work as a designer and illustrator.

I’d like to say my work starts with a drawing, but often my design process is more loose. It may start messing around with scraps of lino, or playing with ink and dye colour combinations, or even just daydreaming in a coffee shop. How ever I start the design process, the various mediums I work with are often creatively linked.

Whether I’m creating a fully worked pastel and pencil illustration or hand dyed and printed scarves, I aim to use local, sustainable processes. Where possible I use fabric found in thrift stores and second hand shops. When larger quantities of fabric are required, I’ll source 100% organic silks and cottons.  


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