Ferret & Fern

Nature inspired illustrations and handmade accessories

At Ferret & Fern you’ll find design and illustration inspired by the colors, textures and characters Emma sees in nature.

In keeping with her love of nature, she aims to source her materials as responsibly as possible. She uses second hand fabric sourced from clothing, fabric and remnants found at thrift stores and recycling centers. When larger quantities and consistent fabrics are required, she buys ethically sourced silk and cotton, buying organic when possible.

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Watch Emma at work

Chalk pastel demo

Emma has created a short series of demos to show her process when sketching with chalk pastels. Each video shows one of the stages in building the image layer by layer, slowly adding detail and depth.

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Shibori dye with turmeric tutorial

Learn how to dye using the shibori resist technique. This simple tutorial takes you through the step by step process using tools and materials found at home.

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