Our community

Meet local women artists, makers and business owners

Our community is made up of female makers or artists, or female business owners that support female makers and artists. All can be found in and around Elgin TX.

When you support a small business, you’re supporting a dream

AMD Ceramics


Boutique pottery handmade in Central Texas

Bean & Noodle


Stacey designs and prints letterpress cards on her small but mighty press named Bee, and creates hand-stamped silver serving pieces and gifts with vintage silver-plated flatware.

Blythe Studio


A one-woman show, Patience is constantly amazed by the properties of gold, silver and copper.

Body and Shine Wellness


We are a local, woman-owned boutique yoga and wellness studio. We only carry items that support our brand values, placing a strong emphasis on items from other small businesses, women-owned businesses, or Texas-based businesses; along with items that are handmade, support a cause, and that are produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way.

Brigid’s Blessings


Massage Therapy – Helping clients relax like the goddesses they are and to embrace and accept themselves through the healing and relaxation that so many of us forget about in this busy world

Casa Veronica


With deep respect for ancient traditions, pieces are primarily hand-built and hand-painted, making each creation distinctive and one-of-a-kind.

Chemn Cafe


An educational design-inspired coffee shop

Cherisa Cromer Art


Abstract artist, on a journey to create art that sparks JOY!

Earthen Metals

Erin & Tiger

All Erin’s pieces are one of a kind and individually handmade, she uses forge, anvil, hammer and tongs to form each piece. Some pieces she wire brushes and buff out and some she uses the torch to get a ‘fire patina’.

Farmstead 42

Krissy & Austin

Local farmstead providing seasonal seedlings, farm fresh eggs and gluten free baked goods.

Fashion Outlaws


Crocheter to The Stars!

Felting Farmer Lady


Lee, the Felting Farmer Lady specializes in locks, lots and lots of locks from as many sheep breeds as she can find. Most fleeces are sourced from USA small farm shepherds as well as some from the UK, again from small farms.